Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eye Opener

Wow today I weighed myself and I could not believe what my eyes had seen. I weighed in at 198.2 pounds. I had gained at least 5pounds since last week.

I went to Vegas over this past weekend and I blame all the buffets for my weight gain. LOL But seriously I need to really lose weight and eat healthier. I went to the doctor last night regarding labs I had done a couple of weeks ago. I got bad news regarding my cholesterol levels. The bad ones were high 137 and he told me they had to be lower than 100. He roughly estimated if I do not eat right or lose weight that in about 3 years I could have a heart attack and die. Yep he told me just like that. So he told me no more fast foods and to limit myself to one serving of bread a day and of course exercise.

The exercise part is going to take some severe will power as I admit to being lazy and I hate to exercise, but my life means a lot to me so exercise I will.

Just a quick note:
Eat right and exercise. Make you you go to the doctor and have complete labs done to check your body for anything out of the norm.

I did have a blast in Vegas. I seen my dad and various other relatives. I didn't really gamble much and I rode the rides and played games at Circus Circus. I think that was the highlight of my vacation. Being in the casinos with all the smokers just inflamed my lungs causing me to have several asthma attacks. We stayed at the Four Queens and I enjoyed my stay there. The old strip downtown was very entertaining for us all. My baby girl Lilliana went with us and I do admit she did very well on that seven hour drive. It was her first time in Vegas along with Antonio my fiance. He had a great time playing blackjack with my dad. His new fave he says.  

My Gold Canyon business is off to a great start this year. I already signed up two new demos this month. WooHoo! I have a party planned in March and I have a few new potential customers. Also if any of you are interested in a free catalog please email your mailing info to: leticia@kozycandles.com Subject Line: Gold Canyon Catalog Request.

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Well I must go for now as I have a pretty busy afternoon.

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