Thursday, March 18, 2010

My son Ernesto Turns 11!

My son Ernesto turned 11 years old today. My little man is growing up so fast on me. I remember him as a two year old and getting into things he is not supposed to. Well let's just say he still gets into things he is not supposed to, but I do love him.

His disguise he got from a quarter machine. Doesn't he look cute?

I went to Walmart today and went birthday shopping for him. I bought him some camping gear as he is going camping this weekend with the Boy Scouts. He is so excited and he loved the gifts. He also got Twister the movie one of his faves. We had pizza from Romeo's and I baked brownies for him, but he was not allowed to eat as it was soon bed time. I would say he had a nice day today.

Ernesto is my oldest son. I am so proud of all his great accomplishments he has made so far. I am proud to be his mother. I love you son!!!

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