Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cell Phone Blues

I am soooo upset because I found out earlier today that my daughter's cell phone got stolen at school. I am also upset that she felt she was going to get into trouble if she told me. I guess the situation occurred yesterday during or after her PE class. My mom had said she was acting strange well I know why now. I need to work on my daughter's relationship with me so she can trust that she can tell me anything.

I will think about getting her another phone maybe not so expensive this time. Although grandma bought that cell phone for her. I know she will be needing a cell phone and I have several prepays maybe I will just turn one on for her. I do not blame my daughter for this, it is not her fault that someone had to steal to get what they do not have.

I still cannot believe that someone would  or could do that. Are they in desperate need of a cell phone they have to result to stealing? What is going through their mind? Are they having problems at home, is it a cry for help? Whatever it is I will pray that God will touch their heart and help them find their way back to His path.

Again, this day has been KRAZY! I took my son to the doctor, got him out of school and was running late (as I was on the phone canceling my daughter's cell phone). Anyways, when I got there they told me there was a problem with my son's insurance and I did not take the card with me. I asked why couldn't they call me to let me know before I took my son out of school and rushed over there. The person behind the desk told me it was another person's job to do so.

Already fed up with the day so far I got home and watched my shows on the DVR. I am so into One Life To Live and All My Children. If you are one that watches this it is getting good now. Most of the lies have surfaced and I absolutely loved the three day musical.

My day is still not over, later I am taking my toddler to the park and my boys to scouts.I have lasagna in the oven and waiting patiently for it to be done. I also went to my WIC appt this morning and had a nutritional class regarding cheese. They showed us a video on Eggplant Lasagna and it looked so delicious! I have not tried eggplant but I think I will try this recipe. After I make it there will be a review and the recipe will be provided. Time to check the oven, til next time I blog.

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