Friday, May 21, 2010

An Explosive Day ~ Updated added Pics

Well yesterday I went to court regarding my CPS case with my boys. I went to my mediation and was granted full sole and legal custody of my boys. My case was officially closed and am I glad. It took me three years to get my boys back and I will not jeopardize them again or my other children. I worked hard and even though there were times I felt hopeless and felt like giving up I felt the Lord's presence and kept on fighting. I thank HIM for all that is good in my life.

My ex-husband and his lawyer was demanding visits with my boys and I finally agreed to unforced supervised visits. He is currently incarcerated for felony torture on me and was convicted June 2001. My boys were only 2 years and 18 months so they really don't know him. And I don't want to "force" them to see him either.

I took Lily to her first dentist appointment yesterday after court. She did really well I was so proud of her. She did not cry as the other children there. I also took pics of her on the dentist chair and she was posing as she loves to take pictures. She goes back next month for two minor fillings.

When we got home it smelled like fire and I thought someone was bbq'n so I did not think nothing of it. We left once Antonio got home to go run errands and pick up our new family pet. As we were out and about my daughter calls us and tells us she called 911. Apparently there was a fire next door to our house (vacant home) and it was minor. The fire dept was there to put it out and my daughter Alanis answered questions. I am so amazed at how grown up she is.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening and the kids were in bed. Antonio and I stayed up to watch Bones on the laptop. After wards we headed to dream land. That was about 10:30pm or so. As I was about to enter my deep sleep I was awoken by screams of "FIRE FIRE". it was my mom yelling as she noticed the fire from the bedroom window. (I thank God she was awake still to notice this as we could have been killed.) I looked out my window and the house next door (vacant home) was on fire. Well the garage and the flames were high and going strong. I panicked and called 911 as I was on the phone with the operator the fire spread to our power line, all I heard was a crackling sound and the power went out in the house. The power line that caught on fire gave out. I screamed for Antonio to get my baby and we ran out the house through the front door.  

Alanis was waking up her brothers to get out of the house as well. My son Dominic is a hard sleeper as he took longer to wake up. But he did. We watched the fire and the raging orange flames hover over the garage then finally to the fence and onto our garage. All our belongings were gone. All my kids stuff and mine as well.

The firemen arrived and did their job to put out the flames. They did the main fire then ours. I was told by the captain it had been the sixth fire that day. They had came from a fire on Fresno and Shields, which is up the way from us. PG&E had to come out and fix the power line and I am so grateful as we had power up in our house within the hour.

How can someone just go around and start fires? What do they get out of it? Is there something wrong with these people?

I thanked the captain for their hard work and he told me sorry about our stuff. I then told him at least my family is safe. And they were on their way.

I tried to salvage what I could which wasn't much, but hey I tried. I have pics which I will post after I upload them.

This also brought to our attention that we need to develop our safety plan in case of other fire. We will definitely be making one this weekend.

Til I blog again!

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