Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 32nd Birthday!

My birthday has come to an end and I do say I had a great day. I got to sleep in and then kicked back with Lily. I then cleaned my room but by the end of the day Lily had her toys all over the floor.

Antonio got home from work and surprised me by saying he was taking me out to dinner for my birthday. He took me to Diccico's and I had the scarface paste dish. It was delicious. It was rigatoni pasta, chicken and mushrooms in a creamy alfredo sauce. I couldn't finish all of it so I took it home. Before the main entree came I had sour dough bread, salad and fried ravioli  so I was pretty full but had to eat the main course.

After dinner we walked around the shops near by and then went home where my kids were awaiting us. It was a nice break away from the kids. Tomorrow we are going to Table Mountain to play bingo and possibly a little slots. I hope I win some cash. I am trying to save as next summer we are going to Hawaii and I really want to take all my kids, but maybe not the new baby. I just pray my ex says I can take Bella too.

My Facebook friends wished me a happy birthday and I really liked that. It's nice to know people care. I also got phone calls from my dad and my grandma. My mom got my a gift and my kids got me a new phone. Well I picked it out and let's just say it was from them. I got the MyTouch from TMobile. I am still trying to figure it out. So if any of you readers out there have one and know how to download / transfer music from windows media player to the phone that would be a great help.

I am also having an online birthday party. Shop Gold Canyon and win prizes.
More info here:!/event.php?eid=119004618131660&index=1
My Gold Canyon website:

Well Good Night Readers!


  1. Happy birthday to YOU! AND your son! I hope it is one to remember--certainly sounds like it! :D

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes!