Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blast at John's Incredible Pizza

Today my family and I went to celebrate our graduation from a family program. The program taught us to be a closer family and to bond with one another. We were in this family program for 11 months and did a great job.

We ate a great buffet and then headed to the games. We spent over two and a half hours playing games and stacking up those credits  to earn prizes. Lily got on a ride but she got scared and we had to get her off. The other kids had a blast on a couple of rides and playing the games. Alanis won over 1000 tickets on this one game where you spin the wheel like on wheel of fortune. Antonio tried the game and won 4o tickets. Lily had fun playing the games as we tried to involve her in the action.

The kids turned in their credits and got some cool prizes. Lily got a care bear and was really happy. Alanis and Ernesto decided to save their credits for another time since they are trying to earn bigger and better prizes. Dominic and my niece Mia cashed theirs in.

The last time I went to John's is when my nephew Marcus had a birthday party like years ago. I do have to say it has changed and to quote my fiance Antonio "this is like a casino". He was excited to be there and we all had a blast.

When we all got home we played with the games we were given as gifts for graduating. We had fun and I really miss spending quality time with my kids. Lately I have been really sick and unable to get out of bed. I am also five months pregnant and the heat has been getting to me. I will make a bigger effort to spend more time.

Tomorrow I am taking the kids on a playdate at the park. I will blog more then.

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