Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heart Broken

On the 4th of July we had gotten a new pet named Daisy. She was a cute playful little pup who was only about 6 weeks old or so. We got her from a family member. She was just an adorable little thing and my kids and I fell in love with her instantly.

Then tragedy occurred.....she got ill and passed away a few days later, July 9th. My son was devastated and his heart was broken as he had gotten attached so quickly. Don't get me wrong I loved Daisy and I was hurt when she passed, but I have lost many pets throughout my childhood years. I was not trying to show my pain. Anyways, my SO wasn't so empathetic and wanted my son to man up. He can be inconsiderate at times (I guess he has his reasons). I tried to talk to my son and let him know it's ok to be sad but that he needed to keep Daisy in his heart and remember the good times he shared with her.

My son left for a camping trip with the Boy Scouts a couple of days later and he told me it should give him time to "get over it." He will be gone for a week and yes I miss my son already. I hope and pray all is well with him and he is having a great time as he deserves it. I am excited to hear about his camping experience when he arrives at home.

On July 11th, my SO had told me about a puppy he had seen on Craigslist. I looked at the picture and thought nothing of it. Then he told me he wanted to get it, so we drove to the location where the puppy was housed at. We ended up getting one of the two puppies and fell in love. I am so happy we added Buddy to the family and I am sure my son will be excited as well. I named him Buddy so Lily will be able to say his name. He is three and a half months old. After we got him we took him to the clinic to get his first parvo shot as I did not want him to get sick on us and pass on.

Buddy has only been with us for a couple of days but he is so playful and adorable. I am trying to train him or potty train him. It's a challenge at times since I am not sure of what I am doing. I do love him and care for him and of course protect him from Lily as she doesn't understand that Buddy is not a stuffed animal she is only two.

I cannot wait for my son to see Buddy. I hope he brings a smile to my son'\s face and warms his heart. I am thinking of getting Buddy a friend, but not too certain if it's too soon since we just got him. It is in the works for now.

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