Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Bash

Well last night we went to my little cousin's 16th birthday bash. We had sooooo much fun.
I was dancing up a storm with Lily and Bella. My cousin Sunny was up there most of the time dancing with all the kids.

Antonio, Lily and I danced a spanish song together. It was really nice. Lily also managed to her her dad up there to dance with her a second time.

It was nice to spend time with my family and be there for this great coming of age party. My daughter Alanis will have hers in three years so i guess I need to start planning and save up. I will have help from all the Padrinos. Plus I want to get her a starter car, her first car for her present.

Here are some pics of the party:

My kids had fun. Family means everything to me and just being surrounded by some of my family members it felt real good. I miss gatherings like this one. My family doesn't do this often as everyone went their own ways or don't bother to include you in their "parties," in those cases I guess I am not missing much. Since after all I think that just bulls@*t.

Til next time I blog....

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