Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall – it's closer than you think…CHECKLIST for success

(I found this posted in one of my yahoo groups and I though I'd pass it on.)

Oh boy – it seems like summer is in full swing and yet as it draws to a close
the Back to School ads are abundant. Can it be that it is already that time? Are
you READY?

1. Calendar check – if you have school aged children, go to your school's
website and transfer the calendar dates (as they are known so far) into your
planner or PDA. That way you will know when you can schedule your parties.

2. If you haven't already done so – focus for the next week on connecting with
those in your customer base who don't have school aged children. Moms of infants
and preschoolers, empty nesters, singles and grandparents. THESE are the people
who will have more time to host parties for you between now and mid September.
Look at who these hostesses were last year at this time and call them first!

3. Watch the Back to School sale ads and stock up on any supplies that you might
need for the busy fall season. Now is a great time to restock your supplies of
pencils/pens, customer folders and file folders at a great price.
I am already doing this as I want to be ready!
4. Order your new fall product kit. Fall traditionally is a busy time when you
see lots of customers before the holidays. The adage of "if they see it, they
will buy it" is a good rule of thumb!
I bought mine and I enjoyed all the new products!
5. Stock up on business supplies. Order your fall catalogs, order forms and
recruiting brochures.
In the process of doing this!
6. If you didn't give your samples a spring cleaning this past April or May,
DEFINITELY do so before fall is in full swing. For a professional presentation,
it is important that your samples look FRESH and NEW!

7. Take out your calendar right now and schedule a back to school coffee with
neighborhood moms. (Remember YOU are the hostess who NEVER says NO to YOU!) This
is a great way to reconnect after the long summer and show off your new fall
samples (and sell off any old samples at a discount!)
Need to do this!
8. Revisit and reset your office hours for the fall. When will you be working?
Designate time each week for phone calls, recruiting appointments and parties.

I thought this would be very helpful for others. I know it will help me.I have some of these done and need to work on the others. I plan to have a great fall, full of parties and sales.  I just need to work hard and promote myself. Good Luck you all!

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