Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

I started a new Meetup group!!! Fresno Women Entrepreneurs. We are currently looking for sponsors of all types. Message me for more details!!!! Get your business seen and your name out there.

I also joined a lot of groups like play dates for Lily and me to attend. School starts on August 16th and I want us to get out there and make new friends. Speaking of school my daughter Bella started her first day of kindergarten today. I called her and wanted to know how it went. She liked it a lot. I talked to her grandmother Irene about how she did on her first day. You know we seem to talk well regarding Bella. Anyways, my boys found out what class they are going to be in. I still can't believe my kids are growing up so fast.

I wanted to let you all know that my vendor show went well last week. There was more people than I had expected. I ran out of my goodie bags quick. I was able to make some contacts. It being my first show and all, I now know what to do better. Especially when it comes to filling out the contact cards. Here are some pics of my setup:

I am finally the mom of a teenager as Alanis turned thirteen on sunday the 8th. I am so proud of her, she is such a beautiful young lady. Did I mention she wants to be a doctor when she grow up, so she can help those who cannot afford to help themselves.

You know I am her biggest fan! Well next to my mother. She also tried out her photography skills here are some of her pics:

I am attending a Gold Canyon training event on tuesday. It will be a launch party for the new holiday line. I am so excited as I already got my holiday package and I enjoyed all the new products and the holiday scents. I also have been challenged to recruit team members before october as I am trying to make manager. If you ever thought about joining Gold Canyon or would like a discount because you are a scented candle lover then won't you sign up today! Go to my website: and join! August is the last month to join for $20! Want a kit when you join? Sampler is three payments of $24.99 and full demo is three payments of $49.99 plus tax/ship.

I will also be having my first giveaway soon! So check out the giveaway page and get the latest scoop.

Til next time I blog!!

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