Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a Girl!!!!

On October 25th, 2010 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. Her name is Faviola Elena.

Now the birth was kinda krazy. I was scheduled for a c-section on that day but I was to check in at 11am and have the procedure done at 2pm. Well here is the krazy part at 6 am I start to have contractions and they feel pretty intense. i just kinda brushed them off and then got worried when they were about 5 minutes apart. I got in the shower and headed to my mom's to drop off Lily. This was about 8am or so. I got to the hospital and told them I was having contractions and they were about 5 minutes apart.

I got taken to the triage part of the birthing center and got hooked up to the machine to measure the contractions. Then I was checked to see how far dilated I was. I was at a 5 already in just those two short hours. I was then prepped for surgery and the whole process didn't even take that long before I knew it I heard the sweet sounds of crying and I knew my baby was born.

I was very excited to meet my new baby girl and happy she was healthy. We spent the next couple of days at the hospital as I had to recover from my surgery. I do have to admit I really enjoyed my stay there as I was the one being taken care of for a change.

Once I got home reality hit me hard. I returned to the stress of the kids and significant other. Sure it was ok the first couple of days then it was the same ol shit that I dread everyday. I know I should be happy but I am not. My kids and SO are unappreciative and they make feel horrible all the time. If I have any type of "feeling" I am told I am childish that is not what I want and I feel stuck. I don't know what to do any more and I am starting to just give up, maybe it's the postpartum depression talking, but what was the excuse before I gave birth. I still feel the same way. Maybe it will be easier not to feel so I won't let them get to me.

On a different note, I am very happy about my baby girl and happy to have her with me.

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